Prior to the tragic events of "9-11," VTS Industrial Company was very active in the recovery of Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Platinum from weapons systems of decommissioned military equipment, mostly aboard naval vessels that were being dismantled for scrap. Typically, we operated on a "40-60" system, whereby we assumed all the labor and equipment costs of recovery of precious metals, paying the entity that owned the equipment 40 pert cent of net recovered metals.

Our primary acquisition targets were Weapons Radar Systems, ASROC (anti submarine) Missile Systems, Sonar Room Equipment, and Guided Missile Systems. Even when upon decommissioning the precious metals were supposedly removed from a vessel, we were able to find between $4,000 and $10,000 worth of salvage.

It is  a fact that scrap is paying a very low price when labor considerations are taken into account, and that much precious metal-bearing material  is being sold for as little as 3 cents a pound. In reality, much salvage can be had that will yield as much as ten dollars a pound with today's gold prices alone.

With gold above $400 per ounce, it is a certainty that the gross yield of gold alone from weapons systems of a scrapped Destroyer will be $10,000. If you are actively involved in handling scrap military electronics, it is imperative that you examine the salvage value of precious metals that are used in abundance in military weapons and communications systems. We are still able to assist you with recovery operations, should you have a contract for disposal of apparatus that contains precious metals.

Don't discard the precious metal content of your scrap apparatus. Call us for a consultation first.








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