Oil Fired Boiler, High Capacity

Offering a a pair of Babcock & Wilcox D-type 600psi (42.2 Kg/cm2) oil-fired watertube boilers joined to a common plenum, being sold as a single high-capacity unit. The maximum steam capacity is 263,000 PPH (120,000 Kg/hour) for both boilers combined. Each boiler has an individual capacity of 131,500 PPH (60,000 Kg/hour) and can be run one at a time. This boiler should be satisfactory for stationary applications (e.g., power plant, oil refinery, chemical plant, etc.) as well as marine applications.


This boiler is designed to generate 600 psi (42.2 Kg/cm2) superheated steam at 860 F (460 C). Each boiler has 4 fuel oil burners (for a total of 8 burners). Gas modification is possible. This sale also includes the immediate auxiliary equipment, such as air blower, water feed pumps and economizer. This boiler was previously owned by the US Navy, so was maintained impeccably. (Technical overview link)

The approximate main boiler unit dimensions are 40 feet wide, 14 feet deep and 21 feet tall (top of steam drum shell). FOB Texas Gulf Coast. Asking $450,000 USD (Foreign Currency Converter)


Click here for a new equipment cost estimate for this boiler.

Photos (Please click on file name to view photo)


1.jpg - Port-side steam drum.
2.jpg - Port of port-side economizer.
3.jpg - View of port burners.
4.jpg - Another view of port burners.
5.jpg - Starboard burners.
6.jpg - View of starboard side of boiler, showing a DP cell.
7.jpg - Close-up detail of typical burner.
8.jpg - View of starboard superheater.
9.jpg - View of instruments on back of port boiler.
10.jpg - Close-up detail of burner (removed).
11.jpg - View of access to port-side water (mud) drum.









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